I love the days I get to “aunt”.  Wednesdays is one because I get to pick up my niece from one school and drop her off at another.  Our time together is always fun as she makes me laugh.  Today, on our drive, I asked her what she is most looking forward to at her first soccer practice.  She answered, “Just getting started.”  That was not the answer I was expecting but I thought of it more the rest of our time together and even after dropping her off.  Is getting started on new things for you exciting or scary?  Do you avoid doing things because you are nervous about the “getting started” part?  Often, I think it is the “just getting started” part that does keep people away from new things.  Perhaps, before showing up to a new yoga class (yoga class could be switched out for art class, first day on the job, being around new people, joining a run club etc) you thought, “I won’t be any good” or “I don’t belong”.  I remember walking in to my first Pilates class at the Y.  I was the teacher and so nervous.  One student showed up.  That one student grew into lots of students over the years.  I ended up teaching there for a long time and my classes were well attended and enjoyed.  I met some wonderful people too over the years and I am so thankful I took that first, scary step.  This is just one of so many examples in my life of scary, first starts. 

     Last December, I was asked to teach a series of Pilates classes at church.  I remember also being very nervous especially that first class.  But at the end of that class and every class following, I always felt so good.  It felt good being in front of people and teaching again.  I didn’t realize just how much I missed it.  Shortly after this experience, I approached the owner of a local studio about teaching (or subbing).  I am also taking classes at this studio now and in a few weeks will teach a pop up Yogalates class which I am very excited about (but I know will also be super nervous for when the day comes).  Not only has the idea of teaching in front of people been running around in my head, but also the idea of speaking in public on health coaching and wellness topics.  I have always felt I needed to do this but to set up a speaking gig myself is scary.  I mean who wants to speak in public? A scary as it seems, I know I need to do more of it.  A) I firmly believe we should do things that scare us B) I also feel a lot of people are unaware of health coaching and I need to get the word out C) I was inspired by a fellow board-certified health coach who started her career holding regular wellness talks.  This helped grow her client list.  The funny thing is as I was mulling this idea over in my head, a friend reached out to me in January asking if I wanted to speak at her local DAR Chapter (Daughters of the American Revolution).  Without hesitation, I told her yes.  I gave a talk on heart healthy habits, and I absolutely loved it.  Several of the ladies told me afterwards that they enjoyed my talk and I did a great job!  This motivated me to finally take action.  Without much thought I reached out to a friend who helped me get a talk lined up at Habersham in March (which I just did this past Tuesday- 28th of March) and I lined up a wellness talk for this month at the clubhouse in my neighborhood, Battery Point (which is opened to the public so if you are reading this and live in Beaufort, please come!).  I am also working on a talk next month and have something already lined up for the Fall. 

     My point?  If it scares you, go for it!  If it is a thought that won’t get out of your head, pay attention to it!  We are all beginners at some point but to be a beginner you must begin.  You must act.  Excitement and fear are closely intertwined in the brain.  They share the same physiological reaction (adrenaline coursing through the body).  The difference is not how the body reacts, but how the mind interprets the experience.  The next time you have an idea that scares you or an event coming up that makes you nervous, stop and think about all the wonderful things that might happen because you took action.  Approach new experiences like my four-year-old niece and get excited about “just getting started”.