What do my clients have to say?

Beaufort Health Coach Recommendation - Melissa

“Knowing the importance of quality sleep and realizing I was experiencing too many sleep disruptions, I consulted with Martha and enrolled in her Sleep Soundly program. She assigned some pre-work of keeping a sleep journal, which we reviewed and provided information and recommendations for consideration. I applied them all to my daily regimen, and by the next session, I was sleeping better with next to no disruptions! The remedies for sleep were practical, easy and did not require a medical visit or prescription medicine. Working with Martha on two occasions now has improved my overall wellbeing and quality of life. Call her…it feels good to feel good!”


Beaufort Health Coach Recommendation - Diana

A Recent Conversation with a Client (Diana)

Diana: “Got a lot of things checked off my list. And tonight early to bed. So I’m on a roll. Been getting lots of water too!”

Martha: “Awesome! Great job! Keep it going! Feels good, right?”

Diana: “It does! When I unlock my ‘Martha Health Coach Extraordinaire’ toolbox and use all the tools, life is much better and it’s much easier to handle the stressful things when they pop up.”

Beaufort Health Coach Recommendation - Colleen J.

“I’ve been on synthroid for hypthyroidism on and off for over 12 years. As of last week all of my levels were in the normal range and I am no longer needing the medication. My doctor attributes it to better exercise, diet and sleep. Thank you so much for all you have done for me!”

Colleen J.

Beaufort Health Coach Recommendation - Amy P.

“She helped me realize that it is ok to take care of me. After talking with Martha, not only am I seeing how taking care of me can make the best me for my family…but now my family has joined me in this journey of living the best us! And because of that, I am very grateful to Martha. So so so glad I decided to email her and ask for help! I feel taller, more confident and more independent!”

Amy P.

“When starting with Martha, I was frustrated, depressed, and overweight. She helped me obtain my goals by taking everything I told her into account and designed a program for my exact needs.”

“I originally hired Martha thinking that I would lose the excess pounds I am carrying, never thinking that she would change my whole way of thinking about what good health and a good life consist of.”

“I learned so much from Martha as my health coach. She led me, educated me and sometimes pushed me –but she always supported me through the difficult process of developing a healthier lifestyle.”
“Working with Martha gave me the push in the right direction. My depression is much better and I am interacting with people more now. I always knew I needed to drink more water and exercise more, but working with Martha reinforced these ideas and brought a new awareness to healthy habits which I didn’t have before.”
” I found Martha to be a very engaging young woman who knows how to communicate her knowledge and also has a true sense of compassion. Talking to her made me feel like I was not just a client but a friend!”