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South Carolina Voyager
South Carolina Voyager

Exploring Life & Business with Martha Kester of PAUSE Wellness Company

“I am a board-certified health and wellness coach and PAUSE is my formula for living a healthier life. I have a passion for helping others find sleep and ease digestive stress through the elimination diet.”

Pillars Of Healthy Lifestyle with Shweta Angne

Watch this video interview for the answers to questions like: What according to you are the pillars for a healthy lifestyle? What has been your observation when you work with retired women? What are the areas that need more focus at that age? Anything we can do now to prevent issues that might crop up with aging? 

Human Tonik
Human Tonik

How To Increase Your Fiber Intake And Improve Your Gut Health

Martha shares a few strategies that you can use to increase your fiber intake and thus improving gut health.


Holistic Health

Martha shares her health coaching philosophy that is client-centered, honoring each client’s autonomy, and works with each client’s lifestyle.

Beaufort Health Coach Recommendation - Melissa
“Working with Martha on two occasions now has improved my overall wellbeing and quality of life. Call her…it feels good to feel good!”


Beaufort Health Coach Recommendation - Colleen J.
“As of last week all of my levels were in the normal range and I am no longer needing the medication. My doctor attributes it to better exercise, diet and sleep. Thank you!”


Beaufort Health Coach Recommendation - Amy P.
“She helped me realize that it is ok to take care of me. So so so glad I decided to email her and ask for help! I feel taller, more confident and more independent!”


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