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Pause Lifestyle Reboot | Health Coaching Programs

“PAUSE Lifestyle Reboot” Health Coaching Program

The PAUSE Lifestyle Reboot takes you on an in-depth  journey to building healthy habits that will last a lifetime, incorporating each aspect of our proven process to implement a wellness plan that perfectly fits your unique needs and goals.

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Pause Lifestyle Reboot | Health Coaching Programs

Revamp Your Sleep

Revamp Your Sleep is a comprehensive 90-minute session dedicated to enhancing your sleep quality. This deep dive evaluates your bedtime routine, sleep environment, and diet to identify and implement changes that will help you achieve restful sleep. By addressing these factors, Revamp Your Sleep aims to boost your energy levels and improve your overall quality of life.

Pause Lifestyle Reboot | Health Coaching Programs

Food Diary Deep Dive

Food Diary Deep Dive is a complimentary 30-45 minute service designed to analyze your eating habits. Before the meeting, you’ll maintain a food diary for 2-3 days. During the session, we’ll review your diary in detail, providing a thorough examination of what you eat, when you eat, and how your food choices impact your well-being. This insightful analysis serves as an excellent starting point for improving your dietary habits.

Healthy Pantry Revamp

Healthy Pantry Revamp

Healthy Pantry Revamp is an in-home service where I assist you in transforming your pantry by removing unhealthy food options. Together, we will read labels and identify better choices, ensuring your pantry supports a healthier lifestyle. You’ll also receive helpful handouts to make future shopping trips simpler and more health-focused.

Beaufort Health Coach Recommendation - Melissa
“Working with Martha on two occasions now has improved my overall wellbeing and quality of life. Call her…it feels good to feel good!”


Beaufort Health Coach Recommendation - Colleen J.
“As of last week all of my levels were in the normal range and I am no longer needing the medication. My doctor attributes it to better exercise, diet and sleep. Thank you!”


Beaufort Health Coach Recommendation - Amy P.
“She helped me realize that it is ok to take care of me. So so so glad I decided to email her and ask for help! I feel taller, more confident and more independent!”


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