Celebrating nearly three years of marriage has taught me that compromise is the secret ingredient to a thriving relationship.  One delightful compromise, which also happens to be our favorite day date, we affectionately refer to as “Bike, Drink, Bike”.  The beauty of this outing lies in the seamless blend of my love for exercise and the great outdoors, coupled with my husband’s appreciation for a good drink.

On those picture-perfect days, we load our bikes into the back of my husband’s truck and make our way to his office, strategically located across the street from a trail in our town.  Following the path of the old railroad tracks, the trail, though not fully completed, takes us on a scenic journey.  We traverse its entirety, veering into a nearby neighborhood, navigating winding streets until we find ourselves at the intersection of Ribaut and Paris Avenue in Port Royal.

Crossing over, we arrive a few minutes later at the local gem, Shellring Ale Works.  Securing our bikes at the rack, we eagerly step inside for a refreshing beer (wine for me).  The outdoor ambiance at Shellring provides the perfect backdrop for our laid-back enjoyment, and often, we run into familiar faces, transforming our day date into a delightful social affair. 

The bike ride there is approximately 45 minutes, making it a perfectly balanced experience that caters to both our interests.  “Bike, Drink, Bike” has become our go-to formula for quality time together, merging fitness, relaxation, and social connection into a harmonious blend that truly embodies the essence of compromise in marriage.