51 Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas

Want to give the gift of health this year? Spreading health is never a bad thing, and because of that I am sharing my list of 51 Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas at all price points.

  1. Packet of classes to a local yoga studio
  2. Gift Certificate to receive a massage from a local massage therapist
  3. Gift certificate to a local running store
  4. Earbuds/headphones
  5. A journal
  6. A devotional
  7. Gift Certificate to a farm to table restaurant
  8. Foam roller or massage gun
  9. A yoga mat, blocks and a strap
  10. Cooking class(es)
  11. Toxic free cooking pots and pans like all- clad
  12. Cookbooks like Foodbabe Kitchen
  13. Organic, bamboo bed sheets
  14. Filtration system for sinks and faucets
  15. Workout clothes (socks, shirts, shorts, leggings, visors, hats)
  16. A new book on a health topic like Eat Dirt by Dr. Axe or a begginer’s guide to running
  17. A diffuser with organic essential oils
  18. Air purifier
  19. A juicer and or blender
  20. A veggie spiralizer
  21. A new watch like Fitbit, Apple or a Garmin
  22. A sleep tracker like the Oura ring
  23. A smart bluetooth scale
  24. A subscription to the Calm App for a year
  25. Lotions, face creams and other self care products that are homemade or natural (here in Beaufort we have Bathe, a store downtown that makes all of these products)
  26. A sampling of all of the Hu chocolate bars (Walmart carries these)
  27. Bags for visiting the Farmers Market
  28. Smart Thermometer
  29. Gaiam Balance Ball Chair
  30. Standing Desk
  31. Mason jars for storing food
  32. Light Box by Happy light Sunshine (supplement light)
  33. Adjustable dumbbells
  34. A new hydroflask water bottle
  35. TRX suspension training
  36. Instant pot or a crockpot
  37. An alarm that wakes you up with “sunlight”
  38. Gift Certificate to a local outdoor store like Higher Ground in Beaufort
  39. Indoor plants
  40. Cutting board and knives
  41. Thrive market gift card
  42. Fitness cards or dice (different exercise on each card)
  43. Sunglasses
  44. A new bike or indoor exercise bike
  45. Subscription to Beachbody
  46. Humidifier
  47. Stainless Steel Straws
  48. Weighted blanket
  49. Organic Pajamas
  50. Reusable Storage bags
  51. Sessions with a health coach