Ever heard 75 Day Hard?  It’s a mental fortitude program that’s made waves in the wellness world.  But let’s face it- it’s not for everyone.  That’s why I’m stoked to introduce our very own version: the 1 Day Hard Challenge, Repeat.

Here’s the scoop:  I get the allure of 75 days, but let’s be real, that’s a marathon.  And the idea of starting from scratch on day 73? That’s like missing the final lap by a heartbeat.  We’re human; we stumble, and that’s ok.  The 1 Day Hard Challenge flips the script.   It’s about celebrating every win, no matter how small, and gearing up for another day.


Here’s the lowdown on the 5 power-packed rules:

  1. Balanced Fueling: Your plate’s the canvas. Veggies take the lead, followed by protein, then those tempting carbs.  Why?  It’s all about avoiding that sugar rollercoaster and keeping those energy levels steady.  No naked carbs allowed- dress’ em up with protein or healthy fats for a smooth ride.
  2. Kitchen Love: Master the spatula! Cooking at home gives you the keys to control what’s on your plate. Whip up meals and own your portions.  Need a break? Aim for 20 home-cooked meals a week- leave a night for fun with your people!
  3. Move it, Groove it: Steps and strength- it’s your daily anthem. Aim for those steps (8-10k a day), and sprinkle in a dose of bodyweight strength training (at least 5 minutes worth).  You’ll be rocking that healthy vibe in no time!
  4. Beauty Sleep: Create a bedtime ritual and a sleep haven. Clock in those golden 7-8 hours.  Your body will thank you with a burst of energy and clearer thoughts. 
  5. Human Connection: We’re in this together! Reach out, smile at a stranger, have a heart-to-heart with a loved one, or set up that overdue dinner with friends.  It’s all about connection.


So, how does this work?  Nail those five tasks for one day and embrace the win!  Celebrate your victories- shout it out, high-five yourself, do a happy dance- whatever rocks your boat.  Then ask yourself, “Wanna go for round two?”


We kick off this life-transforming challenge on January 2nd and keep the momentum rolling as long as you’re game.  Oh, and did I mention?  There’s a prize waiting for the warrior with the longest streak at the end of January!


Ready to dive in?  It’s free! Just hit reply and drop me a line: “I want in!” Join our Facebook crew for the ride or sail through this challenge via email- whatever suits your style.


Who’s amped up to crush it for one day at a time?

Let’s rock this!