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Flexible, personalized health coaching programs to fit your needs.

Pause Lifestyle Reboot | Health Coaching Programs

"PAUSE Lifestyle Reboot" Health Coaching Program

Our most popular health coaching program, the PAUSE Lifestyle Reboot takes you on an in-depth 6-month journey to building healthy habits that will last a lifetime, incorporating each aspect of our proven process to implement a wellness plan that perfectly fits your unique needs and goals.

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Elimination Diet | Health Coaching Programs

Elimination Diet Coaching

Most people don’t realize the impact the seven main allergens (dairy, gluten, yeast, soy, eggs, peanuts and corn) are having until they cut them out and then reintroduce them one by one. That’s the focus of our Elimination Diet program. Together we will develop a plan based on your unique needs and goals, provide guidance and accountability on your path towards health, and give you the tools you need to achieve long-term success.

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Sleep Soundly | Sleep Coaching Programs

"Sleep Soundly" Sleep Coaching Program

Can’t fall asleep? Do you wake up consistently throughout the night? Are you anxious and stressed out? We’ll work with you to develop a healthy bedtime routine, create an environment that fosters good sleep, discover your personal circadian rhythms (internal clock), and decrease your overall stress levels.

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Beaufort Health Coach Recommendation - Melissa
“Working with Martha on two occasions now has improved my overall wellbeing and quality of life. Call her…it feels good to feel good!”


Beaufort Health Coach Recommendation - Colleen J.
“As of last week all of my levels were in the normal range and I am no longer needing the medication. My doctor attributes it to better exercise, diet and sleep. Thank you!”


Beaufort Health Coach Recommendation - Amy P.
“She helped me realize that it is ok to take care of me. So so so glad I decided to email her and ask for help! I feel taller, more confident and more independent!”


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